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Brochure | Marketing Materials

Aura Residences is a fictional condominium located in the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas. The assignment was to create the name, branding, brochure, and one package design that would appeal to its target audience. Aura focuses on three archetypical residents: the thinker, the creator, and the innovator, and how their different perspectives shape the space and intention of their living spaces. Ideally, anyone could identify with one or more of these archetypes, and see the appeal of being able to fit into the Aura community and have their needs met.


Aura’s branding is eccentric, enthusiastic, and strongly directed towards Millennials and Gen Z, featuring a CMYK-inspired color scheme and repeated patterns and textures. Inspiration is drawn from the Op art movement, using patterns to create optical illusions, playing off the literal and figurative meanings of perspective and vision throughout the different deliverables. The typography includes bold and clean sans-serif fonts, furthering the modern look without becoming overwhelming. The materials focus on community and style, the true highlights of Aura.



Guests interested in Aura Residences would receive this branded folder, holding a business card for contact information, examples of the floor plans, and the brochure that discusses the features and benefits of residing at Aura. The folder’s design continues the theme of optical illusions, and features the same black, white, and pink color scheme used in the brochure.



The brochure, titled ‘Another View’, explores the three archetypal residents of Aura: the thinker, creator, and innovator. Most potential tenants would identify with at least one of these identities, and through the identities are shown some of the premiere features of the residences, such as the location, social spaces, work spaces, and space efficient floorplans. The design throughout the brochure is oriented around collage elements, bright colors, and repeated use of patterns and optical illusions to parallel the subject of unique perspectives.

Gift Box


After touring the residences, visitors would be gifted with a unique gift box containing a kaleidoscope. Symbolic of differing experiences and perspectives, the kaleidoscope would inspire visitors to reflect on their own unique views, and hopefully draw them to lease with Aura.

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