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Throughout film history, horror movies have been a great source of fun and thrills. However, beginning in the 70’s, writers saw the opportunity to use the psychological elements and abstract nature of the horror genre to make important social, political, or environmental issues. Fathom is a collector’s set of film-appreciation deliverables emphasizing an appreciation for social horror, and highlighting some well-done films. Consisting of a book, a personal pocket journal, and a card album, the deliverables would be for sale in book stores and other niche stores, marketed towards fans of horror and curious movie lovers.



Featured in independent shops, Fathom is presented in a striking and unique pull-out box, designed to draw in your eyes and lure you in to explore– if you dare. The green sleeve ads a pop of color and features a brief description of the contents and intention. The drawer pulls out to reveal the different contents to the set, so viewers know what they’d be purchasing and can keep the pieces organized after taking it home or gifting it to a friend.



Fathom is fully explored in the book, Fathom: Exploring Social Commentary in Horror Films. Both text and image heavy, the graphic style and typographic layout of the book it intended to give viewers a lingering sense of chaos and anxiety, while also presenting abstract elements related to the films’ interpretations and screencaps from the films themselves. A color scheme of black and white paired with blue, red, bright yellow, and cyan help to separate each subject, and is overlayed throughout by a film grain texture that throws back to the days of classic television.


A unique addition to the Fathom collection, the album contains a set of high-quality prints of collages inspired by each of the movies discussed in the book. Viewers can either gift these prints to others, keep them in the album as a keepsake, or use them as décor. The cards feature graphics from or related to the films, along with a significant quote.



Within the box set, Fathom also includes a set of two recycled pocket notebooks to encourage viewers to take their own notes, write their own stories, and explore their own perspectives and interpretations within the horror genre. The covers of the journals feature the Rorschach ink blot motif, paralleling the concept of varying interpretations from person to person, overlapped by symbolic horror images, a bat and a moth.

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