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Book Jacket Redesign | Promotional Materials

Candide, or The Optimist is an 18th century satire novella by French philosopher Voltaire. The story is an attack on the optimistic views instilled through The Enlightenment, through the story of a man named Candide as he leaves a position of ignorance and is then exposed to a world of madness, hardships, and follies, contradicting the blind optimism that was originally preached to him. For this project, The Optimist gets a fresh and modern redesign for its English translation, intended to draw in new, younger audiences to appreciate an older yet ever powerful story. The redesigned book jacket would be available first at an event at a Brooklyn bookstore, which is advertised through a variety of posters and postcards. The bright colors and Constructivist-inspired style are intended to draw the story away from the 1700’s towards a new audience, more intrigued by brash boldness than the typical classic book cover designs.

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